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Advocacy Actions

Overdose Crisis – November 2022

On November 16, 2022 the MPHA sent a letter to the Premier, the Minister of Mental Health and Community Wellness, and the Minister of Health in support of urgent action to address overdose deaths and the toxic drug supply in Manitoba. An open letter signed by over 80 organizations was released on Nov 4 that called on all levels of government to take immediate actions that would provide them with the tools and resources needed to respond to this crisis. Seven specific actions were outlined.  The MPHA letter supported this call. MPHA President Sande Harlos also wrote an op-ed “We need action based on evidence, not Ideology” that was published in the November 24th 2022 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Increased investment in sustainability – November 2021

In November 2021 the MPHA was signatory to a letter spearheaded by Sustainable Building Manitoba to call on the City of Winnipeg to strengthen their action on sustainability and climate change. We were one of 62 organizations and businesses who called on the city to elevate the reporting of the Office of Sustainability in the City’s administrative structure, increase that office’s personnel a budgetary resources and to include a Community Advisory Council coordinator position.

In support of City of Winnipeg’s Poverty Reduction Strategy – November 2021

We know that there is a clear relationship between health and poverty. Recent experience with the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored how those living in poverty are disproportionately impacted by health threats. The Manitoba Public Health Association sent a letter to the Mayor and members of Executive Policy Committee in support of the City of Winnipeg’s Poverty Reduction Strategy and encouraged members to also become involved.

Public-health workforce stands tall – May 2021

In this Winnipeg Free Press opinion piece Dr. Sande Harlos, MPHA President, shares reflections on COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, media messaging and public health infrastructure.

Outsourcing of core public health services: COVID-19 – September 2020

On September 1, 2020 the MPHA sent a letter to Premier Pallister expressing our concern about the request for proposals (RFP) to provide COVID-19 contact tracing and case investigation services for the province.  The letter identifies how Manitoba public health expertise and services were under resourced prior to this pandemic and describes how it is essential that public health be sufficiently resourced to continue effectively responding to COVID-19 in Manitoba. We asked the government to reconsider outsourcing COVID-19 case investigation and contact tracing services and first invest in our public health system.

Private Member’s Motion M-46: Guaranteed livable basic income – September 2020

On September 18, 2020, the MPHA supported the Private Member’s Motion M-46. The MPHA supports a basic income because of the significant evidence that it will improve population health through enhancing economic security.

Provincial Election 2019

Let’s talk about HEALTH this election. Healthcare alone can’t create health. But government policy can.

During the 2019 Manitoba Provincial Election the MPHA campaigned on five priorities issues:

  • Closing gaps in Indigenous Health
  • Early childhood development
  • Climate crisis
  • Housing
  • Poverty

The campaign website shares information to make visible the impacts of policy decisions on the health of people and communities and includes #vote4publichealth social media posts.